Rob Viscardis is a versatile filmmaker early in his career, with credits on award winning films. After experimenting with filmmaking in his younger years, Rob began his professional career as a musician playing original songs in rock bands around Toronto, and touring across Canada. When an opportunity to work on a television show as an editor presented itself in 2012, Rob took the job, and realized that he had a passion for film, and decided to pursue it. Following the television series, Rob travelled to Haliburton, Ontario to cut his first low-budget feature documentary, sleeping on the cutting room floor for weeks on end. The doc eventually aired on television networks across Canada. After this first large editing projects, Rob had some downtime, and decided to create his own project by producing, directing, and editing his own feature documentary called Before We Arrive: The Story of The Weber Brothers, which took over a year to make and eventually played in film festivals and in cinemas across Canada. While making that film, Rob was picked up by a production company which led to him working as an editor, assistant editor, VFX artist, and post-production supervisor on 3 dramatic feature films until the production company left Canada. Since then, he has worked hard to establish a body of work collaborating with other filmmakers, and Rob’s career as a filmmaker has gained momentum. While his true passion lies in the cutting room, Rob has also showcased his skills as a cinematographer on several documentary projects and a slew of music videos and commercials.

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Rob’s Production Company: Outsideinside Creative